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TFC is planning a JV with Chinese Company for putting up 1million tonne integrated steel plant at a cost of 1000 crores.
This plant is situated in Dhargal village on NH -17 National Highway hence easily approachable for business opportunities for Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Goa.
Total area is 12 Acre (50,000 Sq. Mtr)
Annual Production Capacity – 3,00,000 MT

We have the following Equipments for Manufacturing:
  • Induction Furnaces – 3 nos of Electrotherm 10/12 Ton capacity each.
  • Ladle refining furnace.
  • Billet Casting Machine of 6/11 Radius – 2 Strands. (curve type)
  • 18” Automatic Rolling Mill.
  • Spectrometer (Germany) – 23 channels for chemical analysis.
  • Tensile strength testing machine. (UTM)
  • Impact testing Machine.
  • Micro Structure Examination Electronics Microscope.
  • Hardness Testing Equipments.
1.  Manufacturing Process in Induction Furnace
We have 60% of Sponge Iron + 40% MS Scrap in manufacturing process in Induction Furnace. After complete melt down the slag is drained out and preheated Ferro Alloys are added in Furnace as per quality of steel required, then molten steel is tapped in the ladle after having required temperature. Nitrogen or Argon is purged for Alloy Steel/Forging Quality and Stainless Steel to achieve homogeneity and to remove harmful silicate inclusions in liquid metal.

2.  Ladle Refining Furnace
We have the most advanced Technological Ladle refining furnace of 15 Ton capacity, forging quality steel, Alloy Steel, Spring Steel, are made through this process where Argon has is purged to bring down sulphur level as low 0.005%.

3.  Billet Casting machine
We have most advanced continuous casting machine of 6/11 meter radius (Only 3 plants in India have it till now including Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Ltd.)) for high quality of Billets production. This machine also has Electro Magnetic Stirring System and automatic level control system. Billets are gas cut 3-6 meters length by automatic gas cutting in each strand. Surface grinding is done for smooth surface finishing before dispatch. Size range = 100 x 100 mm to 200 x 200 mm.

4.  Rolling Mill
We have 8 stand 18” Automatic Rolling Mill for Rolling M.S Beam, Channels, Angles, Rounds, TMT, and Spring Steel flats (Patta) and RCS in various sizes mentioned in our Product list All the products are made as per ISI – 2062 and tested in chemical lab through Spectrometer analysis and physical testing is done as per required parameters. Inspected material is tagged and identified samples are taken to control the finish product quality.

TWENTY FIRST CENTURY IRON AND STEEL DHARGAL GOA                                                                           Top

This plant manufactures a wide mix of products.

  • Mild Steel
  • Carbon Steel
  • Low Alloy Steel
  • Spring Steel
  • Free cutting Steel
  • File Steel
We hereby give detailed background of all these grade products and their end use application.

1.  Mild Steel
Mild Steel contains less than 0.25% Carbon. Mild Steel can be used for Hot Rolling as well as Cold Rolling. Although Mild Steel has excellent formability and low strength, its thick section gives load application. The structural products such as CTD bars, Beam, Channel, Angles are used in construction activity either for commercial or industrial sector.

2.  Carbon Steel
Carbon Steel contains Carbon above 0.25%. It has high strength and good fatigue strength. The Structure is very hard and strong as compared to Mild Steel. On Basis of Carbon content it centre classified into three grades.

  • Low Carbon Steel
  • Medium Carbon Steel
  • High Carbon Steel
    • Low Carbon Steel are easily hot worked produced in large tonnage for Beam, Channel, Angles mainly for structural application.
    • Medium Carbon Steel contains Carbon up to 0.7%
    • High Carbon Steel contains more than 0.7% Carbon. This is special category having hardness and local toughness. Its main usage is for high strength wire for cables and wire which is used in Electrical or Telecommunication sector. Wire ropes used in industries for lifting and binding industries.
3.   Alloy Steel
Alloy Steel has presence of Ni, Molybdenum, Vanadium, and Chromium in different percentages depending upon their end use. Alloy Steel is used for Forging Industries, trucks, Tractors, Automobile, Engine, Roller Bearing, Piston Rods, and Sprockets etc.
It has qualities like shock resistance, Heat resistance, Corrosion resistance, Thermal expansion and can resist strains as it has high tensile strength.

4.   Spring Steel
Spring Steel serves an important function in vibration control and required opposing forces as a result of their deflection due to its high tensile strength. End use of spring steel in manufacturing of Automobile chasis leaf springs for heavy trucks, tractors, exacavators and in Automobile Industry.

5.   Free Cutting Steel
Free Cutting Steel is that variety which can be cut freely and made into desired shape and size. This is used in broad spectrum of manufacturing accessories such as jigs, fixture, dies, gauges. Other common tools can be categorized as hammers, wrenches, pilers, screw drivers, calipers and micrometers.

6.   File Cutting Steel
File Cutting is one quality where main property is high resistance to scrathching and etching. By Virtue of this property this steel has wide usage in manufacturing of precision files which are used in cutting or drilling.